Why is Refine The Machine?

Refine the Machine is a holistic idea, focused on the growth and invigoration of us as individuals and in turn to inspire others to grow into their own, becoming healthier and more energetic in the process. My goal now is to build a community, of scientists and artists that we all are. Sharing our experiences and creations for the improvement, inspiration and growth of each other.

The idea was originally coalesced in me in about 2010. It came in the form of a dream, a light being on a shallow infinite lake spoke these words to me. I remember that morning I woke up and furiously wrote and there was a fire in me.

I was at the end of my rope, 50lbs overweight, in pain, addicted to gaming, asthmatic and tired of feeling that way. I was frustrated but curious if there was anything I could do to take control of my own health. I began to exercise, meditate, quit unhealthy habits and started healthy ones. I went back and forth for many years but that was the inception. This pattern repeated again after years of improvement and in 2015 I was back where I started. It took a very long time to even begin to express it and even longer to apply it.

Then in 2017 my Dad had a stroke becoming paralyzed in half his body and that was a cataclysmic catalyst. I realized everything that I had learned would be put to the test. My sole goal for years was maintaining my health and to help him in any way I could. So it was through that, that I learned even more and the biggest thing was how to remain sane when things seem at their worst. Then in 2022 he died but in those years, he dripped wisdom as he did most of my life, he laughed and smiled and still saw beauty in life at times. Thank you Dad.

My first idea was to integrate philosophy, self development, spirituality, nutrition and fitness into one simple package. But I learned simple is not easy… I didn’t even understand what it was really and as Da Vinci wrote, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

I slowly was reminded of the interconnected Nature of everything. How the small is a part of the all. How the whole is a part and the parts are whole in themselves.

Reading and consuming the philosophies of Socrates, Paracelsus, Hippocrates, Pythagoras, Seneca, Rumi, Whitman, Emerson, Thoreau, Camus, Huxley, Bruce Lee… Not to mention my personal mentors in my life whose names are unknown to most. Integrating the development of Primal Patterning, Holistic Nutrition and Fitness; greatly inspired by Paul Chek and many others. And studying ancestral diets and practices to bring it all together to understand how to gain and maintain a healthier baseline. Then going into the psychological aspects of Carl Jung, CBT, NLP because I realized that in doing anything, I had to change my identity. It has been a challenging road for sure.

Through the years and countless hours of experience, research, money and time invested into learning, experimentation and application, failures and successes; and with the help of many others developed a multi-layered process to achieve results in all domains of life.

While my love is in the philosophy still, as it was my base, it is in the embodiment of the philosophies that became my focus. Mostly to assist others to achieve a level of health that they may have not had in so long, to heal from diseases that ail us and to gain a more whole way of being that applies from everything to physical to mental, emotional and spiritual. To breathe life into others as it was breathed into me. Through the many years of failure and success, I found a way to condense it all but it still it doesn’t seem simple enough, but what does?

It’s my belief that through the body and through the confrontation of habits and ideas, that is where the greatest change and understanding can come from.

It’s my goal with this to express that in ways that make sense for everybody from toddler to scholar, as my Dad used to say. While this in and of itself is not simple it is in the details that it becomes simplified, in the focusing on the parts of the whole that it begins to make sense and then we bring it together.

It’s time to Refine!

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